Sevilla, Spain

Reflecting on 2019

Last week, I spent 10 hours on a plane and I ended up making this video. While I knew that I had a lot to be grateful for in 2019, I didn’t realize just how many blessings I was lucky enough to receive.⁣

Here are some of the highlights:⁣

🏠 Started the year at home in Miami with mi familia.⁣

⛱ Spent Spring Break in Dubai with my friend, Arushi, who welcomed me into her home. This was the first big trip that I made happen on my own. Wanderlust successfully activated. ⁣

🏔  Traveled to Boulder, Colorado for an entrepreneurship boot camp. I went on my first hike ever at like 6 am where I saw one of the prettiest views of my life. To put it ineloquently, it was iconic. ⁣

🎂 Turned 20 + finished sophomore year.⁣

🎥 Moved to LA to intern at Warner Bros and had an amazing summer. Full out adulting happened. Ate THE best tacos with a new friend, Toni, and an old one, Val.

On our last day my co-workers, Jesus and Gianna, and I *sneaked into* the studios at night (is it really considered sneaking in if we had badges?) A memorable send off to say the least. ⁣

✈️ Moved to Paris for a semester.⁣

💃🏻 Took a 12 hour flight to Minnesota all the way from Paris for an MLT conference. Everything was a disaster. Lost my luggage, arrived unprepped for my interviews three day’s before they were happening because the plane unexpectedly didn’t have WiFi, burned THE shirt I was planning on wearing on one of the most important days ever. Ultimately learned that the universe has a way of making sure everything turns out okay.

💰 Had years worth of hard work finally pay off. In other words, secured the bag. Landed three ~dream~ 2020 internship offers that I’ve been working towards since literally the very first day of college. One of which I’ve been trying to manifest since high school. Spoiler alert/humble brag: I’ll be working Google this summer 😌⁣

🗺 Put my passport to work. As Ricky Thompson said, I got that thing StAmPeD. Visited 5 countries and 18 cities.⁣

🌞 Decided to go abroad again in the Spring. This time in Sevilla, Spain.⁣

🏝 Went back home to Miami for the holidays for some much needed family time and arepas.⁣

✨ Lived to see a new year.⁣


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